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Stand for Youth™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable youth services organization. We are a demand-driven foundation that focuses on the creation of customized initiatives and programs to address the needs of middle, high school and opportunity youth. We offer STEM-Infused Academic (6-12) Programs Aligned with Common Core Standards, Evidenced-Based Life Skills Training, Job Training/Workforce Development Programs in high/demand/low supply industries, Youth Advocacy Programs to ensure that basic needs are met, and Community Empowerment Programs via our One Voice/One

Dream initiatives.  Collectively we refer to these programs as From School to Life with wellness at the core.

Our programs are implemented with fidelity by highly skilled and experienced state certified administrators, teachers, guidance counselors and support staff, state licensed social workers, industry professionals and a host of similarly minded individuals and entities.

Measurable and quantifiable performance metrics are associated with each program to establish accountability, ensure quality, to exercise the appropriate level of program management and control, and to obtain diagnostics on how the programs are performing. Formative and Summative Assessment tools are used.



Stand for Youth™ shares the Department of Labor’s Shared Vision. This Vision is geared towards “Creating a Collaborative Approach to Prepare Youth for Success in a Global, Demand-Driven Economy” and to “improve outcomes for the neediest youth.



We value the lives, needs and challenges of every youth served.





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