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A Licensed Certified Social Worker Clinician (LCSW-C) provides leadership and direction for our Trauma-Informed Evidenced-based Life Skills Training program.  The implementation team for this program includes, but is not limited to Teachers, IEP Team Leaders, educational psychologists, licensed/certified and/or degreed social workers, art, education, occupational, mental health, physical, and speech therapists, guidance counselors and wellness professionals.

Additionally, the school nurse, chef, dietician, nutritionist, personal trainers and the Foundation’s Wellness Center are all under the umbrella of the Life Skills Training program.

Evidenced- based behavior management programs such as the Botvin, Casey, PBIS  and Get Real are implemented.  Our Life Skills Training curriculum, includes but is not limited to the following types of instruction which is designed to empower and strengthen youth::

●  Abstinence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention

●  Alcohol & Drug Prevention Education

●  Anxiety, Depression and Anger Management

●  Bullying/Cyber-Bullying Prevention

●  Character Education

●  Conflict Resolution

●  Consultative Individual and Group Counseling Services

●  CPR Certification (Infant, Child & Adult)

●  Daily Living Management

●  Detention/Jail/Prison Prevention Program -- The Best Me Is Free

●  Diet & Exercise

●  Eating Disorders & Body Image Issues

●  Etiquette

●  Financial Literacy

●  First Aid Certification

●  Fitness

●  Food & Nutrition 

●  Grief & Loss

●  Health and Sex Education

●  Hygiene & Personal Care

●  IEP Support Services & Therapies

●  Inner Resolve

●  Leveraging Community Resources

●  Maintaining Healthy Relationships

●  Mentor & Sponsor Programs

●  Mindfulness

●  Physical or Sexual Mistreatment or Abuse

●  Planning & Goal Setting

●  Problem Solving

●  Netiquette & Social Networking

●  Relationships, Sexuality, and Family Planning 

●  Self-Advocacy, Self-Confidence & Self Esteem

  Suicidal or Self-Destructive Behavior or Thoughts

●  Wellness

●  Virtues Training

●  Work and Study Habits

●  Yoga Instruction

Our Evidenced-Based Trauma-Informed Life Skills Training Program provides students with several courses geared towards empowering them to thrive at home, in their communities, at school, and in the workplace and to remain or become alcohol and drug free.  Our ultimate goal is to provide training to youth that will enable them to graduate from high school on time, and prepare them for college and/or careers.  We want youth served  to control their own narrative, become self-sufficient, take on leadership roles, and become independent and contributing stakeholders in their communities.

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