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Stand for Youth™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable education organization. It is a demand-driven Foundation which focuses on the creation of customized initiatives and programs to address the needs of middle and high school students. We offer rigorous academic programs aligned with state common core standards, evidenced-based Life Skills Training, Job Training in high-demand/low supply industries, Student Advocacy and Mentoring programs, and Community Empowerment programs.  Collectively, we refer to these programs as From School to Life with wellness at the core.


Our Current Out of School Programming Includes:


  • Day-Time Pull-Out Academic Programs

  • Evening Programs

  • Fall After-School Programs

  • Spring After-School Programs

  • Saturday Morning & Afternoon Programs

  • Summer 5-8-Week Intensive Academic Enrichment, Career & College Prep Programs, 

  • Evidenced-Based Life Life Skills Training, and

  • Job Training Boot-Camps

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