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  1)  2017-2018 Apprenticeship USA Grant:  

       IEC Chesapeake, Inc. Sponsored/DLLR Funded

       Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship Program.  Financial

       Wellness Sponsor:  BB&T Bank. Baltimore City

       Community College at University of Maryland Bio-


  2)  Summer 2016.  Saving Lucille -- Community

       Conversation in Lower Park Heights in Partnership with

       University of Maryland Master Gardeners. 

  3) Summer 2016 Academic Enrichment, Evidenced-Base

       Life Skills and Job Training Program.  Baltimore City

       Community College at University of Maryland Bio-


  4) Spring 2016 Entrepreneur Program.  Morgan State 

       University Business School.

  5) Summer 2015 Incoming 9th Grader Bridge Program

  6) Summer 2015 STEM Project -- SeaPerch, Construction           of an Underwater Robot and Control -- Fallstaff

      Elementary/Middle School.

  7) Summer 2015: College Tour --- Stratford University

  8) Summer 2015: 5-Part Financial Literacy Series Host:

      Wells Fargo Bank. Delivered On-Site.

  9) Summer 2015:  The Best Me Is Drug Free:  Presentation

       By Helping Up Mission at East Baltimore Location.

 10) Summer 2015:  Etiquette Training/Fine Dining

       Experience::  Sponsor -- Stratford University

 11) Summer 2015:  Simple Cooking with Heart Lessons:

      Sponsor:  American Heart Association.  Stratford


 12) Spring 2015: Operation Cinderella -- Prom Dresses for  

      Low-Income High School Graduates.  Program Sponsor:

      Suited for Success.  Woodlawn High School

 13)  Fall 2014: Co-Host College Fair w/AMC Church

 14)  Summer 2014:  Incoming 9th Grader Bridge Program

       Edmondson Westside High School

  15)  Summer 2014: 5-Part Financial Literacy Series                       Host:  PNC Bank -- Edmondson Westside High School

  16) Spring 2014:  After-School Reading Comprehension &    

       Evidenced-Based Life Skills Training Program.

       Edmondson Westside High School

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