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Volunteering:  Food for the Soul .... 


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Stand for Youth.™ Our Foundation depends on volunteers and value their contributions to enhance the programs and services provided for the youth served.


Volunteers are integral members of our team, serve as positive role models to our youth, and and help our administrative and professional staff sustain effective learning environments, enrich the education and experiences of students and build critical partnerships to increase achievement for youth. 


Volunteers are essential to the educational process, as they bring knowledge and skills into the Foundation and strengthen classroom and career instruc-tion. and community involvement.


All volunteers must complete an application process and participate in an orientation/training session.  Volunteers are then placed in Foundation programs according to the alignment of program requirements and their core competencies. Completed volunteer applications may be e-mailed directly to the Foundation's Volunteer Coordinator.  The Volunteer Coordinator can be reached at


Goals of the Stand for Youth™ Volunteer Program include:


1) Expand parental involvement and engagement strategies to meet the

   unique needs of all families in the school communities served,


2) Acknowledge parents and community members as important partners in

    the education of all students, and the rebuilding of the community,


3)  Strengthen the relationship between schools and parents, guardians and

     community stakeholders through collaboration, and meaningful service



4) Support teachers and staff with the implementation of curriculum,

    life skills training, job training, and student advocacy school programs, 


5)  Utilize the knowledge and skills of volunteers to promote student

     achievement, at school, home and at work,


6) Offer direct support to students needing additional assistance with

    assigned tasks in our education, life skills training, job training, student 

    advocacy and community outreach programs,


7) Assist school staff and students with extra-curricular activities, day and

    after-school programs and fundraising opportunities.  The Foundation has

    plenty of oppportunities for parents to get involved.  We offer after-    

    school programming, Saturday morning programming and Summer 

    6-/8-Week Academic, Life Skills & Job Training Summer Boot-Camp.  

    These programs are offered in public schools, community and neighbor-

    hood centers, at faith-based  organizations, public libraries, and PAL centers. 


8) Provide supervision and direction for students while participating in off-

    campus learning experiences like college fairs, college tours, field trips,



9) Be active in the School's PTA and Career Fairs, provide academic tutoring,

    and participate on steering committees.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's he only thing that ever has."

                                                                             Margaret Mead


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