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Fourteen (14) Key Program Benefits

  1) Holistic, Fully Integrated Trauma-Informed 

       From School to Life Program

  2) Academic Enrichment Programs Aligned with

       Common Core Standards/PARCC Requirements

  3) Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and 

       Mathematics (STEAM) and Maker Ed Programs

  4)  Career Readiness Programs, Including Pre-

        Apprenticeship and Certification Programs,

  5) Workforce Development Programs With Direct

       Links to Employers, Geared Towards Decreasing

       National Poverty and Unemployment Rates in      

       Targeted Workforce Development Areas,

  6) Mentor & Sponsor Programs,

  7) Hope to Disenfranchised Youth,

  8) Variety of Program Options (Day-Time Pull

       Out, After-School, Evening, Saturday Morning,

       Saturday Afternoon, and Summer Programs)

  9) Student Advocacy, Empowerment & Enrichment

       for ALL Students Who Require It, Including At-

       Risk Students, English Language Learners,                     Homeless Students, Opportunity Youth, and  

       Students with Special Needs,

  10) Roadmap to Independent Living, 

  11) Sharing of Lessons Learned, and

  12) A Safe, Secure and Youth-Focused Environment.

Doing Out Best To

Increase High School

Graduation Rates

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