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Mission, Vision & Value Statement

Stand For Youth™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable, youth services organization. We are a demand-driven Foundation which focuses on the creation of customized initiatives and programs to address the needs of today’s at-risk youth utilizing a trauma informed service and restorative practices models.  Our primary goals are to 1) increase high school graduation rates, and 2) prepare youth for 21st Century college and/or careers  We serve middle, high school and Opportunity Youth.

We offer STEAM-infused/Maker Ed academic enrichment programs aligned with the common core standards, evidenced-based life skills training programs, workforce development programs in high-demand/low supply industries, student advocacy programs to ensure that  basic needs are met, and community empowerment programs via our One Dream/One Voice initiatives.  Collectively, we refer to these programs as From School to Life with wellness at the core.

From School to Life programming provides youth with a wide range of resources to implement the Foundation’s “Total Youth Fulfillment” – TYF concept. TYF is a comprehensive and holistic approach and resource package that addresses the creative, educational, emotional, intellectual, physical, psychological and spiritual needs of today’s youth through a variety of family-based, community-based, education- based, work-based and health-based experiences enhanced by mentors, sponsors and peers.

In addition to the services indicated above, this model includes providing, students who require it, with behavioral and psychological counseling, providing intervention services not limited to occupational, physical, speech and music therapy, providing assistance in the development of Independent Education Plans (IEPs) and other direct services that will immediately impact the lives and remediate the needs of targeted youth. These services may be delivered individually, or grouped according to the needs of the youth served.



Stand for Youth™ shares the Department of Labor’s Shared Vision. This Vision is geared towards “Creating a Collaborative Approach to Prepare Youth for Success in a Global, Demand-Driven Economy” and to “improve outcomes for the neediest youth.”

The White House Report identified the neediest youth as dropouts, foster youth, juvenile offenders, children of incarcerated parents, and migrant youth. The Federal Collaborative Partnership expanded this definition to include “American Indian and Alaska Native youth along with youth with disabilities.” Stand For Youth™ to execute its Vision, has further extended the definition of neediest youth to also include Opportunity Youth, and youth who have/are suffering as a result of major catastrophes like Katrina, and who as a result may be displaced, susceptible to a broad range of abuse and neglect, and who will be placed at risk if no intervention is taken.

To execute the Vision that the Foundation has established, Stand for Youth™ is actively creating new youth products, and pursuing strategic relationships with federal, state and local agencies and service bureaus, local businesses, education agencies, non-profits, community stakeholders and other grass roots organizations geared towards supporting our nation’s youth.

It is our desire to bring the full gamut of resources to the table to make a difference in the lives of the young adults we serve.


We value the lives, needs and challenges of every youth served. Every young adult is entitled to an education in a safe and secure environment, where he or she can thrive and the ability to dream BIG.

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